How to Box in 10 Days

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Johnny Nguyen is the awesome boxer and blogger behind the After a long wait Johnny has just completed and released an incredible program called How to Box in 10 Days.

If you are familiar with Johnny’s work, you will know that it is always top of the line. Johnny has the technical knowledge to help boxers of all ages, and he does it through video, written word, and pictures. He takes painstaking time to always teach at the lowest level of detail so that nothing is left out.

That is why when Johnny released an authoritative program like How to Box in 10 Days, I take note (and so should you!).

Introducing How to Box in 10 Days

How to Box in 10 DaysI have just order my own copy of the program, but wanted to give you a little teaser of what it is I’m looking forward to.

How to Box in 10 Days includes:

  • 300-page instructional ebook, 32-page workbook, & 1hr 45min of video demos
  • How to develop explosive punching power
  • Over 200 common boxing mistakes
  • 30 advanced and deadly punch combinations
  • How to perfect your stance, and footwork
  • How to employ effective defense, and learn 40+ counter punching techniques
  • Learn to use the speedbag, heavy bag, and double ended bag

This list could continue for about 20 more bullet points, but if you want to learn more check it out from the man himself right here.

Customer Reviews

Johnny Nguyen & Freddie RoachIt takes a lot of skill to teach and demonstrate both the basics and the advanced techniques of an art form in a way that is easy to follow. Johnny Nguyen has become an expert at this. If you don’t believe Johnny’s credibility, check out him with legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach, and listen to these glowing reviews from people who already are using How to Box in 10 Days:

I have to say, even for a seasoned boxer with amateur experience like myself, there’s a lot i could learn from this. Very well organized and i love the pictures. It makes the learning process easier. good job J! i hope you have more guides coming out, i’ll be first in line

This is much more than the basics and has some secret stuff that you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet!

February Launch Discount: 20% Off

Johnny has kindly offered a launch discount for the entire month of February. What that means is until February 29th, you can order How to Box in 10 Days for 20% off of its regular price. Take advantage of this while you can!

A Note From Johnny

The course is massive. I spent nearly a year writing the book to make sure all the techniques were explained perfectly. It’s a “10-day program” but I guarantee you’ll be be practicing these techniques for the rest of your boxing career.

Want to Learn More?

Check out How to Box in 10 Days


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